Greg O’Grady


Chief Executive Officer

Greg is a distinguished New Zealand surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur, and an international authority on gut motility and neuromodulation. Greg co-founded Alimetry based on his world-leading expertise in gastrointestinal function, together with his deep clinical experience treating patients as a surgeon. Greg has a PhD in Bioengineering, and is an experienced MedTech entrepreneur who was previously founding-CEO of The Insides Company. Greg is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Auckland, and has held multiple senior leadership roles within the surgical profession. He has published more than 200 scientific articles and patents, and has been awarded nearly $20M in scientific and bioengineering grants, mostly related to Alimetry’s foundations. His work on Alimetry’s technology has also received many international accolades including the “Masters of Gastroenterology Award for Outstanding Contribution to Digestive Sciences” from the American Gastroenterology Association.