Armen Gharibans


Chief Technology Officer

Armen is a world-leader in gastrointestinal bioengineering who has personally pioneered many of Alimetry’s technologies over 10 years of academic and commercial development. After a degree in mechanical engineering, Armen undertook an MS followed by a PhD in Bioengineering from UC San Diego, where he was awarded the top PhD Prize for his technical work on non-invasive gut diagnostics. Armen subsequently moved to New Zealand and co-founded Alimetry as CTO. Armen has a broad technical skill-set including in biomedical signal processing, machine learning, programming, algorithm and App development, medical imaging, intellectual property, and medical device development, along with expertise in designing and conducting clinical studies, quality systems and manufacturing. Armen is passionately devoted to delivering and scaling Alimetry’s products to the highest level of excellence.